Eucharistic Event

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A Communique
Regarding a Eucharistic Event in Saint Hyacinth Parish in Legnica

Sisters and Brothers in Christ the Lord!
As the Bishop of the diocese of Legnica, I hereby inform you of the event that has taken place in Saint Hyacinth parish in Legnica which bears the features of a Eucharistic miracle. On 25 of December 2013, during the distribution of the Holy Communion, a host fell on the floor. It was subsequently retrieved and placed in a water-filled vessel. After a while, a red discoloration appeared on the host. The bishop of Legnica at that time, Stefan Cichy, established a Commission and charged it with the task of monitoring the phenomenon. In February 2014, a red-colored fragment of the matter was isolated and placed on the corporal. In order to clarify the nature of the isolated matter, the Commission authorized the taking of samples and the carrying out of a proper examination by various competent research institutes.  
In conclusion, the Department of  Forensic Medicine states: “In the histopathological image, the tissue fragments were found which contained the fragmented parts of striated muscle. The whole image […] is most similar to cardiac muscle […] with changes that often accompany agony.” The DNA tests indicate the tissue is of human origin.
In January 2016, I presented the entire case to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Today, in accord with the recommendations of the Apostolic See, I have instructed the pastor, Fr. Andrzej Ziombra, to prepare a suitable place for the exposition of the Relic so that the faithful may venerate it. I also ask that the pertinent information be made available to visitors and that  regular catechesis be conducted, one that could help to raise proper awareness of Eucharistic devotion among the faithful. In addition, I instruct  that a book be set up to record the possible grace obtained and other events exhibiting a supernatural character.
I hope that all this will serve to deepen devotion to the Eucharist and influence the lives of those approaching the Relic. We consider this marvelous Sign as a particular expression of the kindness and love of God who so radically stoops down to man.
I entrust myself to your prayers and impart my blessing,
Bishop of Legnica